Micrographs of tissue culture cells


These are photographs taken in previous years of tissue cultures similar to those you prepared in the lab last week.

cells growing out of an explant

heart cells, taken through the microscope eyepiece

heart cells at higher magnification

low-resolution photograph of leg cartilage, from which cells have migrated out

similar to the previous, but in this case the cartilage came from the eye

fibroblasts, typical of heart or leg muscle

another picture of fibroblasts

cluster of chondrocytes (above), glial cell (below)

two cells resulting from mitosis, starting to spread out again

blebbing cells

chondrocytes at high magnification

island of cells, maybe nerves and myelin?

chondrocytes and fibroblasts from leg

embryonic feather



The rest of the pictures are from the cultures you prepared last week.


explanted chunk of heart tissue

heart fibroblasts

two heart cells that have detached and are dividing

liver cells

liver cells, higher magnification

liver cells; the cell in the center has rounded up, leaving retraction fibers attached to the substratum

more liver cells

cells growing out from a piece of pigmented retina

retina; note the black pigment in the center

myotubes in a culture made from cartilage


Please make drawings of at least five different cell types, as if you were looking at your cultures in the lab. Please e-mail your completed sheets to your TA by April 24/25.