Biology 441L Vertebrate Embryology Laboratory  Albert Harris    Spring 2017

This is the laboratory course that accompanies Biology 441, Vertebrate Embryology

The laboratory is not required for students taking the lecture course, but students taking
the laboratory should be taking the lecture course concurrently, or have done so previously.

There are four sections, which meet in room 138 Wilson Hall:

Teaching assistants: John Noto and Diego Hipolito Canario

Albert Harris, Office: Room 103 Wilson Hall
Office Hours: 10-12 Monday and Wednesday, or at other times by appointment
e-mail:, phone 919-966-1230


January 18/19Embryology of Sea Urchins
January 25/26Gastrulation of Frogs and Salamanders
February 1/2Gastrulation of Birds
February 8/9Shape formation by Pressure, Curvature and Tension
February 15/168Somite Development: How Vertebrate Bodies Create their Segments
February 22/23Liesegang Rings: Geometrical Patterns Formed by Chemical Reactions
March 1/2Ovaries and Testes
March 8/9Dictyostelium: Cell Locomotion, Chemotaxis, Differentiation and Structure Formation
March 22/23Dissection of Early Chick Embryos
March 29/30 Cancer and Atherosclerosis in Relation to Embryology
April 5/6Begin Tissue Cultures from Chick Embryos
April 12/13 Observation of Tissue Cultures
April 20/21 NO SCHEDULED LAB (unless a previous lab was cancelled because of weather),
but makeups of previous labs can be arranged by appointment.