Assignment for Wednesday September 18th:

Your assignment is to make as long a list as you can of specific scientific questions or disagreements as you can find in the "Dozen Questions" review paper handed out on September 11th.

For example, on page 319 there is the question:

    Why doesn't actin assemble everywhere on the cell margins instead of just in certain places?

Some other examples:

    Is amoeboid locomotion prevented by inhibitors of protein synthesis?

    What causal relation can be proposed between actin assembly and the formation of adhesions?

    Does the sol-gel conversion in crawling cells result from the assembly of diffusing actin fibers to form networks of fibers? In other words, are those gels the result of actin assembly into fibers?

    What happens when those gels are converted into sols?

You can use these questions if you want, or rephrase them.


Please turn in a typed list; don't just hand back your copy of the review with questions highlighted.

In previous years, some students have produced lists of over a hundred questions.