Fibroblast traction as a mechanism for collagen morphogenesis

Please read the following paper for Wednesday, September 4th:

Harris, A. K., D. Stopak and P. Wild (1981). Fibroblast traction as a mechanism for collagen morphogenesis. Nature 290: 249-251.

A printed copy will be handed out in class on Friday, September 30th.
Here's a link to the pdf online through the UNC library

David Stopak was a graduate student in my lab.

Other papers from his research on this topic:

Harris, A. K., P. Wild and D. Stopak (1980) Silicone rubber substrata: a new wrinkle in the study of cell locomotion. Science 208: 177-179.

Stopak, D. and A.K. Harris (1982) Connective tissue morphogenesis by fibroblast traction I. Tissue culture observations. Developmental Biology 90: 383-398.

Stopak, D., N.K. Wessells and A.K. Harris (1985) Morphogenetic rearrangement of injected collagen in developing limb buds. P.N.A.S. 82: 2804-2808.




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