The Final will be during the same 3 hour period that the University requires, but it will be an open book exam. You can use your notes, my hand-outs & my web pages. But please don't use any other web pages, nor any books, except Watson.

The final exam will consist of ten questions from the 50 + review questions that are posted on the web page from which you should answer your choice of any six questions. If each of your six answers, by itself, doesn't at least fill the front and back of one sheet of paper, then you are probably not answering in enough detail or depth.

You will not need blue-books. I will bring a large package of xerox paper, and a stapler.

Please write your name on each page that you write, to minimize the chance of papers getting mixed up or staples becoming detached.

It is also OK to discuss the questions with any other members to the class prior to the exam, but please don't just copy their outlines. Your own answer will be better. (But please don't ask faculty members, graduate students or others, until after the exam. I am willing to make hints or suggestions, or to clarify the questions, but never simply to answer them.)

{I solemnly promise to be fair in grading conclusions that I disagree with at least as favorably as I grade answers that happen to match my current opinions. In other words, please don't try to guess what I believe, and argue in favor of it. Strategically, you would be better off to present well-argued opinions that are different from mine. Seeing questions from different points of view are what this course is all about. A. H.}


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