There will be three 1-hour exams, and a 3-hour final exam.
Review questions will be posted prior to each hour exam, and before the final.
Formation of study groups prior to the exam is encouraged. No notes or computers
are allowed during the exams, and adherence to the honor code is expected.

You can drop the lowest hour exam grade... alternatively, you can count the final less.
I will calculate which of these options gives you the higher grade.

  exam 1    exam 2    exam 3    final

      20%       20%       20%       40%

        0%       25%       25%       50%

      25%         0%       25%       50%

      25%       25%         0%       50%

If you miss an hour exam because of an excused illness or conflict, e.g. travel for a job interview
or for an athletic team, you may either drop that exam, or make it up within a few days.