How to Cure Multiple Sclerosis: (some of these methods overlap)

1) Selectively kill, or induce apoptosis in all T-Lymphocytes whose binding sites fit oligodendrocyte myelin protein.

2) Kill, etc. all lymphocytes that get past the blood-bone barrier

3) Isolate oligodendrocyte myelin or synthesize this protein based on its DNA sequence, and inject it to "desensitize" the immune system (as is done with pollen antigens, etc.)

4) Covalently bind this synthetic myelin binding site to a toxin.

5) Isolate or synthesize a protein with a complementary binding site to oligodendrocyte myelin, and raise a monoclonal antibody against it.

6) Reactivate the "tolerance mechanism" so that it induces death or inactivation

7) Lengthen times between flare-up (like, toward a hundred years!).

8) Chemotactic attraction of anti-myelin T-Lymphocytes into a surgically-implantable, and removable, surgical-sponge-like material.

[Because localization of flare-ups implies mutual attraction of the harmful T-lymphocytes]

9) Allelic exclusion : stimulate non-productive recombination of anti-myelin T-Lymphocytes, therefore causing cell self-destruction

10) Alternative use of allelic exclusion mechanism, to induce cells to regard the anti-myelin binding site as having been produced by an non-productive recombination, thereby inhibiting its transcription.

11) Inject cerebrospinal fluid with a synthetic version of the (presumed) T-cell chemoattractant substance, so that they won't know where to go.


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