Possible topics for student reports:

1) Other possible cures for Multiple Sclerosis (different than, or improving on possible cures that have been discussed in class)

2) Is Multiple Sclerosis caused by combinations of both B and T lymphocytes, or only by T lymphocytes, or only by B lymphocytes? What is the evidence? How conclusive is it? What could be deduced about causation if MS patients have both B and T anti-myelin lymphocytes? (Instead of just one or the other.)

3) Report on some recently published papers (especially journal articles) about causation or cures for Multiple Sclerosis.

4) What goes wrong at different stages of development of Multiple Sclerosis (In your opinion? According to different alternative theories?)

5) Possible reasons why almost all autoimmune diseases occur at higher frequencies in women than in men. (Invent as many possibilities as you can. Discuss some or all of them pro and con.)

6) Discuss (or debate) whether angiogenesis versus vascularization are fundamentally different from each other or not? What if they have the same mechanism? Is it possible that the same mechanism extends capillaries and also causes their initial formation in the body? Could formation of kidney tubules and/or gland tubules have the same basic cause as the formation as blood vessel formation?

7) Report on another chapter in that same book the Taber paper was from.
[link to this book in UNC library]

8) Discuss possible experimental tests of Malcolm Steinberg's paper. (Maybe invent some new tests?)

9) Describe and criticize the paper co-authored by M. Lisa Manning and Malcolm Steinberg on the "Coaction" of adhesion versus contractility.
[link to this paper online, downloadable pdf file]

10) Some other topic, if you clear it with me.