Links to some YouTube videos of embryonic development

Somite formation, fluorescent fish GFP?
         diagram of interesting movement of some of the nuclei in this video - What is going on here?

another video of somite formation

Zebrafish gastrulation

Chick neural tube folding and somites forming

chick somite formation

mammal cleavage, blastocyst formation, and hatching

Human? Early cleavage

human embryo, fertilization to day 6 blastocyst

another video of early cleavage in a human embryo

abnormal (multinucleate) early human embryos, from an in vitro fertilization clinic

Claims to be an illustration of clock and wave-front (it is NOT a simulation)

This one may actually be a simulation? But it doesn't include any explanation of how the program works. I think it may actually be a version of the Turing reaction-diffusion mechanism in which instability is stimulated by means of a high concentration of one of the morphogen chemicals at the right hand edge (instead of being initiated by random fluctuations). Please notice how difficult it is to deduce the rules obeyed by self-organizing methods, even when you can see all the concentrations and their variations. If you can figure out the rules, I will be very favorably impressed, and I promise to write a program that obeys whatever set of rules you have deduced (A.H.)

segmentation model

another clock and wavefront simulation

formation of yolk syncytial layer in zebrafish

"Landscapes and Embryos"


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