Biology 441 Lectures, Spring 2015

January 7 Introduction. Sea urchin embryos compared with vertebrate embryos 
January 9 Formation of germ layers 
January 12 Embryonic development in teleost fish 
January 16 Embryonic development in amphibians 
January 21 Embryonic development in birds and mammals
January 23 Mechanics of early development
January 26 Birth defects
January 28 review session
January 28 review session, smaller version
February 2 Experimental embryology; regulation
February 4 Physical forces
February 6 Physical forces, continued
February 9 Amoeboid locomotion
  human leucocyte moving among red blood cells
  active movement and rearrangement of sponge cells
  development of blood vessels
February 11 Amoebae continued; Turing
  a shelled amoeba
  Amoeba proteus, multiple pseudopods and phagocytosis
  Dictyostelium amoebae aggregating
  mesenchymal cells moving on an adhesion gradient
  cells on a grid with islands of palladium metal
  the Turing pascal program shown in class
February 13 Cell locomotion and pattern formation
  cell growing on silicone rubber and creating wrinkles
  rearrangement of collagen demonstrated using birefringence
  clumping of fibroblasts growing on a collagen gel
  formation of Liesegang rings
February 16 Symmetry
February 20 This lecture was not recorded.
February 23 Stem cells, and ectodermal organs
March 2 Ectodermal organs, continued
  axons in tissue culture
March 6 Plant Development
March 6 a larger version of the same video
March 16 Mesoderm
March 18 Mesoderm continued: heart
March 20 Circulatory system; Endoderm
March 23 Pre-patterns, Positional Information, and other theories
March 25 Atherosclerosis
March 27 Limb buds
March 30 Diffusion gradients, and more on limb grafting experiments
  computer simulation of gradient formation by averaging neighbors
  another run of the same program
April 1 Limb buds continued; apoptosis
April 6 This lecture was not recorded.
April 10 Sex determination
April 13 Metamorphosis
April 15 Liesegang rings; Five common misunderstandings
April 17 Immunology and Autoimmunity
April 20 Autoimmunity continued, then Cancer
April 22 Cancer
April 24 Evo-Devo
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