Preparing for the hour exam

The exams in this course are usually short-answer, but not multiple choice. For instance, you might be asked to list which kinds of embryos have holoblastic vs. meroblastic cleavage, or to identify a picture (taken from the lecture notes) and label certain parts of it. You might also be asked to draw a sketch of say, an early fish embryo or the extra-embryonic membranes of a mammal. You might be asked to write a few sentences to answer a question or explain a concept.

You should review all the lecture notes posted on the web, including the figures. Review questions will be posted soon (probably on Tuesday). Please feel free to form study groups to work on these questions together. If you would like to create a Google Doc or other on-line site for group study, we will be happy to share that link with all the students in the course for you.

If you miss an hour exam because of illness or conflicts, e.g. travel for a job interview or for an athletic team, you may either drop that exam (see the notes on grading, or make it up within a few days by appointment.