Embryology   Biology 441   Vertebrate Embryology, Spring 2016   Albert Harris


Final exam scope and format

The final exam is cumulative, in the sense of including material from all parts of the course, including the subjects already covered on the three hour exams. Please study the previous lists of review questions, in addition to the new ones.

The final exam will count as half of your total course grade, but will count as 40% if your final exam is lower that any of your hour exam grades. (See the Exams and Grading link at the top of the syllabus page.)

The format will be similar to the three hour exams, but there may be some multiple-choice questions to speed up grading.

There may also be one or two open ended essay questions, that will give some choice between topics that interest you the most.

You are responsible for the figures and illustrations posted on the course web pages. The exam may include one or more pictures on which you will need to label something, identify something, or say what is significant.

Also VERY important: You should know which germ layer and which subdivision of that layer every tissue or organ develops from. For example, olfactory placodes develop from somatic ectoderm; just saying "ectoderm" is not sufficient.


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